"It has completely changed the way I train my horses, I am getting some great results in a fraction of the time. My horses are happy and relaxed in their learning. I am far more patient in my training, no longer willing to ride out issues or try and make a horse do something that they are not ready to do. "

"I just want to say joining Kandoo Training Lifetime GOLD Membership is the best thing I've done for me and my horses in many years only wish is that I'd found you sooner :) I love the fact I can dip in and out when we are I'm ready to move on to the next stage or to find answers when I get stuck so I can be clearer with my communication, or just to catch up on all the webinars and info you put out it and if you ever come back to the UK I'll be signing up to come see you!! "

" I am very happy I found Kandoo, so are my horses they are often complimented on their fantastic top line, another benefit of Kandoo training. Kandoo for life!!"

"Thanks again for taking the time to chat today Kate! I love the confidence I am gaining from all you are teaching me. It is so wonderful to be excited to head off to the paddock to see my horse, knowing I have a plan of what I am going to be working on with her. I love that even if I only have 15 minutes to work with her...I know those 15 minutes will be productive for both me and my horse. Thanks again 😊"

"I can't believe the changes this has already made in my horse. She is really listening and I think ENJOYING the training - and so am I!"

"I have used a lot of online training systems, I live in the UK, and yours is easily the best and most comprehensive. The lessons make sense and I have worked through each step. I am upgrading to the life membership now. Thank you for all of the work you put into making the courses."

"Being from a very remote area, it's almost impossible to get trainers to come to me. I was very pleased to find your training and no longer have the need of visiting clinicians. Also, I wanted to thank you for also being so fast to answer my questions - both on the training pages and via email, it really helps, thanks!"

"I just wanted to mention that you have a unique way of giving your students the optimum opportunity to really understand and learn your material. You bring out the best in your students by giving them the option to learn the best way that they can. You have the video which is for those visual learners, the written under the video which is good for the theory based learners and it also reinforces and fills in what we didn't subconsciously take in watching the videos. And, which is the magic that works for me, is giving examples to go with a topic. The examples that you give enable me to identify with my own experience, which allows me to relate to topics that I am not so familiar with, and all of a sudden, it just makes perfect sense to me on an emotional level which gives me a greater and deeper understanding."

"Hi Kate, you are amazing!!! Thank you for all that you do and words can not describe how much you have helped me through my journey recently!"

"We did it! First, after walking away from me to avoid being caught yesterday, she walked right up today, then I gave her a treat and she stood while I haltered. After grooming, bridling, I taught "Hips to the Fence" in about 9 minutes. Probably should have stopped sooner, as I think she had it, but I kept making mistakes, so I would repeat. Also, I guess I raised her emotional level too much at the beginning, since she offered to bite me! Settled down quickly though and was right back to 50 (emotional level estimate) after the lesson. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!"

"I just LOVE how my horse seems to be responding to how calm, quiet and soft this work makes me!"

" I just watched the video of the meeting and the discussion was excellent. I feel confident that I can get my horse to stand still without too much ado! It is the small practical tips based on years of experience that are coming through loud and clear. Many thanks Kate Fenner for going the extra mile and getting me the be honest I would never have found it..,🙏 "

"I would like to say what a fantastic group this is! I love hearing all of your comments and questions. Your questions really help me with my own training, and I think raising the emotions is something I've never thought about before, instead trying to lower the emotions of an emotional mare which never really worked! To have a clear goal following the path of the training, knowing what we are aiming for and having things go wrong yet remaining calm and asking again, has really helped my mare (we have even had the long line under the tail a couple of times - unthinkable in the past - now she's like oh yeah that's not too bad!). So happy to have found the kind of training that Kandoo is - a like minded bunch - open and honest, kind and respectful, hallelujah and thank you all xx"

"Thank you SO much! I just had the best 15 minutes in the round pen with my mare! I have done hundreds and hundreds of round-pen hours over the years and all the while still not really being comfortable with why I was doing it and feeling like I was just chasing my horses and making them resent me. Your explanation in your Round Pen modules as well as what you discussed in today's GOLD webinar brought such clarity and simplicity to it all finally. I went out and had the most brilliant session with my mare and I think the light came on for both of us. She was learning, I was teaching, and we both had tons of fun too. I understood the WHY behind what I was doing so then it was easy to get the results. By the end she was doing wonderful outside turns at the trot and even the walk, was totally in the bubble and even moved her shoulders away "respectfully" (i.e. she understood) up close. I can't thank you enough. Not sure how I missed it all these years but you made it perfectly clear. I'm finding that in many other of the modules too. I knew the techniques (although I think many of yours are modified and improved) but this one was huge for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Let me congratulate you as you have built probably the best online horse training course in the world! An amazing wealth of practical and useful information! "

"I love your work and am so happy to have come across your training method. It is proving so successful I have started to fantasize about training horses for a living!"

"Being a Kandoo Gold member has been excellent value. Thank you so much for all our hard work, advice and support – it is invaluable and I couldn’t do it without you!"

"The thing that really stood out for me when I joined was how friendly the members were, I found them to be non judgmental and genuine. I think the Kandoo members Facebook page offers a safe and supportive forum to talk about issues. The level of knowledge within the gold member program is so broad."

"I was very impressed with the one on one advise that you gave me by voicing over my videos and your kind words and support when things went wrong. . The videos make the learning achievable, when put together with sharing videos of your own progress the advice and support is fantastic."

"I really love the science based approach of how horses learn. When applying these principles in a manner that focuses on relaxation and learning the level of enjoyment for the horse and trainer increases. The learning doesn't stop, I have found the more practice and experience I have with applying the techniques the deeper my understanding is of the whole process."

"I love Kandoo Gold! I wouldn’t be able to train my four horses on my own without it. For the cost if roughly 7 or 8 weekly local lessons, you get permanently personally taught how to train your horse by one of the worlds premier horse trainers and horse behavior scientist. Kate is always available for questions and problem solving and also gives specific tips and analysis of any videos you send in. The Kandoo group is full of kind, fun loving and extremely knowledge people who befriend every member of the group as if they were forever friends. It is also a gift to get to know such fabulous people around the world."


Your Training

Kandoo GOLD ownership provides you with the tools to train your own horse. Your investment today will give you ongoing access to the entire Kandoo GOLD training system, not just for the course delivery of 9 weeks, but for lifetime access. 
Materials (lessons, pdf, videos, meeting replays etc) are also all downloadable for easy access.

Training Roadmap

Kate will take you by the (virtual) hand and lead you and your horse step-by-step through the lessons, each one building on the strong foundation of those before it.


Voice-Over Lessons

As a Kandoo GOLD owner you are encouraged to send in your training videos and receive a voice-over lesson.

Bonus Modules and Goodies

  1. Module: Training the Off-the-Track Horse
  2. Module: The Young Horse
  3. Step-by-step how to ride the Working Equitation obstacles
  4. And more......

Private Facebook Group

The Kandoo community has a very active and supportive private Facebook group. Here you will find answers to all of your questions, share your wins and make great friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Modules of instructional video, divided into short, clear, easy-to-follow steps
  • Each module is comprised of several short videos (and accompanying PDF steps) so you can train at your own pace
  • Training from first handling the young horse to advanced work including lateral work and flying changes
  • Watch online 24/7 and fully downloadable
  • Resources - printable lesson plans, written explanations
  • Library of student voice-over lessons
  • Submit your riding/training videos for voice-over
  • Private Facebook group
  • Support from Kate via Zoom, email, messenger and phone

When you sign up for the Kandoo Online Training you will receive an email from me welcoming you and giving you instructions on how to access the website. From there you can go into the course and watch the 'Welcome' video which shows you around the course and gives tips on how to proceed.

You'll be able to attend your first Zoom meeting (Tuesdays and Fridays) as soon as you join.

From early February, we will go through one module a week as they are delivered to you. This is simply to familiarize you with the material and you are not expected to do all of the work in that week! However, the zoom meetings, which are also recorded, will focus on a new module each week.

There is a great deal of material in the Kandoo GOLD course and it is delivered over 9 weeks, one module a week. This allows us to work through the material together as a class.

Of course, you will have lifetime access to all of the material and each time GOLD registration opens, two or three times a year, you have another opportunity to refresh the material with the new class.

Don't worry if you can't keep up with the modules as they are released, that is not the intention. The Kandoo GOLD course is designed to be taken at your own time and your individual horse's pace (we just don't want you overwhelmed with all 9 modules on day 1!).

Of course, the Kandoo GOLD program is designed so that you can fit it in with your life (and I know how busy we all are). You will be warmly welcomed on your return and fully supported at every stage of your journey.

No, all of the material is inside the training course and the meetings are just there for you if you want to speak directly to Kate, chat about your horse with other members or have specific questions you'd like addressed.

Also, all meetings are recorded and stored inside the training, with a relevant topic, for you to find and watch the replay or grab the audio file and listen on the go.

Meetings are an added bonus and not an essential element of the course content.

All of the Kandoo GOLD material is fully optimised for online streaming and, if you have no home internet at all, completely downloadable. I am here to support you via phone and email too! If necessary, you can also download the lessons and watch them when you're travelling.

Each lesson is divided into simple, easy-to-follow steps. The training videos are short, enabling you to go out and teach a quick lesson whenever you have the time. If you have 15-20 minutes a few times a week - you'll be amazed what you can achieve.

The Kandoo Community is full of wonderfully supportive, kind, knowledgeable and generous people. Not only will you be fully supported in your journey but you will make life-long friends here. 
Many of our members, even those living in remote areas, have found local Kandoo friends to ride with inside the Kandoo Community!

Your success is my success and I am always here to help you. For support, we have numerous channels, you will never be left alone. The Private Facebook group, twice weekly meetings during course delivery (immediately for 9 weeks and then twice a year as registration opens), message, email or phone me.

You can send me a video of yourself working your horse (this is easy to do and I will help you if you haven't done it before), and I will do a video voice-over lesson for you - explaining what you are doing well and what you could change to improve your results.
The other thing you can do, and this is always popular, is to bring your video along to a zoom meeting and we can discuss it there. The Kandoo community is SO very supportive - whatever your level, you'll be amazed at the support you receive there.

No, this is all included in the Kandoo GOLD price.

I travel extensively, both in Australia and internationally (when COVID allows). As a GOLD owner, you are entitled to a discounted rate on both clinics and private lessons.

Great question! Riding and handling horses is a very hands-on activity so learning via online distance might seem like a challenge. Fortunately, the Kandoo GOLD course is presented in many different ways, from videos to written instructions, demonstrations, seeing others both do it well and also make mistakes, and hearing me explain everything in detail. If all of this still leaves you with questions, I am available through online meetings, emails, phone calls or you can send in your own video for my comment. The success of so many of my students is the answer to this question: YES, you can learn horsemanship online, better than you may ever think you can.
Also, and most importantly, it is essential  that you train your own horse for longevity of training, horse welfare, and your safety and understanding. There is simply no better way of bonding and caring for your horse than taking responsibility for its training.

The best way to use the training is to start with the first module and work your way through subsequent modules as they are released each week. The study, however, is completely at your own pace and the lifetime access allows you to return to modules as many times as you want. Regular meetings and webinars are held where you can ask me questions or discuss your horse. If you can't attend, they are recorded so you can watch or listen to the replays at your own convenience, maybe even on your commute to work. I recommend shorter lessons with your horse and, if you follow the course, huge progress can be achieved in just 15-20 minutes a few times a week.

One of the greatest things about the Kandoo GOLD online training is that it is as applicable to first-time riders as it is to advanced equestrians. Because you and your horse progress together, your skills advance at a steady rate. The Kandoo training helps you along the way while not pushing you beyond what you are capable of doing. Your horse and you are on the same page, learning your own language of cues as you go rather than you having to learn a set of aids that your horse already knows (or doesn't). Safety is a foundational principle of the Kandoo training, both for you and your horse.

We have a large number of very experienced riders in the Kandoo GOLD course. All of them have made incredible changes to their horsemanship as a result of the course and found incredible improvements in their horse's relaxation, engagement and overall performance.

Whether you are new to riding, an advanced level rider or coming back to riding after a long break or lack of confidence, the advantages of training your own horse are immense. You and your horse progress at the same pace, you understand exactly what your horse knows and how he/she learned it. This knowledge keeps you and your horse safe and builds confidence in you both, for all of the right reasons. Each lesson starts on the ground and progresses to the saddle when you and your horse are ready. I am always available via email, Facebook, webinar and phone to help you through any problems or questions that you have, and the GOLD community is full of supportive people who have been exactly where you are and are overcoming the same fears. 

There’s really no such thing as ‘just trail riding’ because the trail is probably the most challenging place for your horse and as such requires more training than remaining in the arena. The Kandoo training applies to all disciplines of riding, particularly to riders who take their horses out on the trail. Having control, knowing your horse's emotional state, and being able to keep your horse's attention and responsiveness under all circumstances are the foundational principles of my training. Having a soft, responsive horse is basic to all training, whatever discipline you engage in. Safety is always number one and that is never as important as it is on the trail.

The Kandoo online training never relies on muscle, experience, or youth. I walk you through every step of the process, and if you are not clear, the unlimited access allows you to go back and watch again and again. There is support from the Kandoo Community, many of whom are in their 50's, 60's, and even 70's. You are always advised to stay within your capabilities, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish with this program. Some of our members are just getting into horses in their 60's and are fulfilling their dreams in just a short time.

I have a PhD in horse behaviour and training and much of the Kandoo training is based on John Lyons program (I spent 2001 in Colorado on the John and Josh Lyons Certification Program). I have added equitation science and English disciplines, but 'conditioned-response' training, simply put, is instilling a pattern into a horse so that he will do it regardless of the situation – it’s building automatic responses. This has been scientifically proven to be the most effective and ethical training method. Most people like natural horsemanship because they feel that it is kinder to the horse. I never use any training method that does not fall within the highest standards of horse welfare. There are no gadgets, no punishment, no 'special' equipment needed, and my training can be done in a bit or without a bit if you prefer. Science is now confirming the horse training methods that are effective and those that are not and that also cause undue stress and suffering to the horse (I am a researcher in this area, my PhD project was about horse behaviour, training and welfare). My training always complies with the principles of kindness and works WITH the horse.

You can learn the system and then quit...but I really doubt you will want to once you have immersed yourself in this amazing world of communication and partnership with your horse. It is quite addictive, and most members find that once they have learned the basics, not only can they never return to any other method, they also want to go back to the beginning and get their horses even lighter and more responsive, often over and over. Once they have tasted the softness and responsiveness that Kandoo gives them, they want more and more. Perhaps this isn't a method as much as a lifestyle because so many people comment that it flows into the rest of their life, improving it for the better along with their horsemanship.

Many are told to buy a 'push-button' horse in order to learn to ride. Horses aren't born with 'buttons'; their cues and responses were trained. The problem is that you have to learn their buttons, or how they were trained, and that will never be exactly the same as the person who trained them. With the Kandoo online training you create your own language between you and your horse which allows you to achieve levels of communication and harmony faster and more effectively. Your relationship with your horse will be highly tuned to you alone.

Kandoo Equine takes all the guesswork out of horse training. Every exercise that is taught on the ground is directly applicable to riding. I continually search for easier ways for both the horse and handler and take all of the mystery out of methods. There is a reason for every exercise and the modules flow logically, building on one another. The success and loyalty of my many students are proof that the Kandoo simply works.

It is a vicious cycle. If you can't ride well your horse may will go badly but if your horse goes badly it is difficult to ride well. You are always training your horse whenever you are with it, either for better or worse. The wonderful thing about the Kandoo online training is that while you are training your horse to travel better, you will also be improving your riding. Then the positive circle will start where your better riding will help your horse too. Both will be improving at the same time. Additionally, the joy and satisfaction of being your own horse's trainer will spur you on to ever-expanding improvement.

We all know that no two horses are the same. Many methods have a list of activities that must be accomplished as if this will magically result in a trained horse, regardless of the horse's prior training, history and temperament. While the Kandoo method follows proven principles, I teach you to adapt them to your particular horse and, let's face it, horses can even vary from day to day or even moment to moment. My progressive exercises apply to every horse, but you will learn how to tailor them to where your horse is at in the moment. I am always keen to help with any questions you have and my vast experience with thousands of horses has given me the knowledge to help you through.

For the same investment as just a few riding lessons you can have lifetime access to an ever-expanding library of lessons, articles, videos, webinars, and personal support from the GOLD community and from me personally. The financial investment in the Kandoo training is a small price to pay for your safety and your horse's welfare as well as the incredible fulfillment of making progress towards your horsemanship goals and the pride of knowing you are doing it all yourself.

I am VERY confident that the training will work for your horse and, as such, the Kandoo GOLD comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. No questions asked and no hard feelings - just contact me within the first 14 days of your membership and I'll refund your money. There's nothing to lose - Do it for your horse!

If you're still not sure or have other questions, please email ([email protected]) or call me. I'm more than happy to talk to you, whatever you decide.
Alternatively, you can have a chat with me - book a free appointment here.

Here's what Kathy had to say (you'll meet Kathy at a zoom meeting when you join!):

"Becoming a Kandoo Gold member has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have made in my horsemanship journey. Kate’s training videos and the wealth of information on the Kandoo Members Site is amazing and very helpful, but Gold Membership is so much more than that. Through the regular Zoom meetings and the conversations that occur on the Members Facebook page I have been able to develop real friendships with like minded people from all walks of life, and from all over the world, sharing a common love of horses and with a genuine desire to help each other and support each other through the highs, the lows and the frustrations of horse ownership (and for many of us that support and friendship has transcended even horse ownership and I have the opportunity to both support, and be supported in many aspects of everyday life that many of us have in common).

I have had the pleasure of fence sitting at one of Kate’s clinics and meeting several members face to face at that, and it has been like catching up with old friends, as we feel that we already know each other so well from our regular discussions on the Zoom meetings. I have also made “real life” contact with several members who live in my region, and we have been able to ride together and spend time doing groundwork and working through some of Kate’s modules with our horses and it is so good to be able to have quality horse-time with life minded friends who use the same training methods. I have made friends with members interstate and caught up face to face with them when travelling which is always a real pleasure.

On the days when you feel like giving up horses and taking up knitting, it is the Kandoo community who usually provide valuable insights into problems I may be having with my horses and encourage me to keep on going, and on those days when you are elated and feel like you and your horse can conquer the world together, it is the Kandoo community who get alongside and cheer you on and celebrate with you! In this community there is always someone ready to help in a non-judgmental and supportive environment, and there is always someone who has gone through what you are experiencing and just knowing that, makes the journey so much easier.

I think one of the major reasons that Kandoo Gold membership trumps most other on-line horsey training systems is the fact that it is a one-off lifetime membership. This immediately removes the pressure to “get maximum value before it runs out”, and enables me to move at a comfortable pace for both me and my horse, and to repeat and review as much as I need too. It also means that during periods when I am unable to spend as much time training my horses as I would like, that I don’t “beat myself up” for falling behind, or wasting my membership – as it is always there for me to access at any time, and for as long as I like. If you compare the cost of regular lessons over a considerable period, it becomes evident that Kandoo Gold membership is a wise investment, it complements regular lessons and clinics, and is compatible and relevant to any discipline of horsemanship, and the experiences of fellow members in different disciplines has encouraged me to try out new things such as Working Equitation, and opened up a whole new area of enjoyment and challenges for me and my horses. The amazing training methods and knowledge offered by Kate as well as that gleaned from many of the members who have immeasurable and varied depths of experiences to share is  second to none and something for which I will always be grateful.

If you are thinking about Gold membership – do yourself a favour and sign up now – I guarantee you will not regret it if you immerse yourself in everything that the Membership has to offer – especially attend if you can, the Zoom meetings, but if you can’t listen to the recordings as the experiences shared there help immensely as you work through the modules and train your horse."