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What is E-BARQ?

The Equine Behaviour Assessment and Research Questionnaire (E-BARQ) is a survey designed to collect data on horse behaviour, management and training.

Pilot study for the development of the Equine Behaviour Assessment and Research Questionnaire

2017 International Society for Equitation Science Conference, Wagga Wagga, Australia.


E-BARQ's Development


Now with data on over 80,000 dogs, C-BARQ provides dog owners and professionals with evaluations on their dog's temperament and behaviour.



The more recently developed Fe-BARQ, will tell you how your cat's behaviour compares to others. Take the Fe-BARQ now and find out how your cat compares.

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Current Developmental Stage

The survey is currently in production mode with the University of Sydney and we are seeking 1000 horse owners who are keen to give something back to horses by contributing to its development. The current version is in a longish, draft form and the data collected from it will be analysed to help us condense the final survey, due to be released to a wide equestrian audience in March 2018.

E-BARQ covers both ridden and unridden horses, miniatures to Clydesdales and youngsters to veterans. When the final version of E-BARQ is available, owners will be able to compare their horse’s behaviour to others of the same breed as well as see how changes in their training and management affect their horses’ behaviour by taking an E-BARQ Follow-up survey each 6 months.

If you would like to contribute to improving horse welfare by advancing our understanding how training and management affect horse behaviour within breeds, then please take the E-BARQ survey now. If you have more than one horse, we suggest you complete the survey for that horse that is most familiar to you. This might even be a youngster or a retiree. As we can take only the first 1000 completed surveys, we apologise if you miss out this round but you will be notified as soon as the final version is released.

Please expect the survey to take up to 30 minutes of your time, so grab a cuppa before telling us all about your current favourite horse. There is a feedback box at the end where we welcome your thoughts and comments. There is also a ‘save and return’ feature on the survey so you can complete it in your own time.

What's Included?

E-BARQ will investigate all aspects of horse behaviour, management and training.


E-BARQ will investigate horse behaviour relating to riding, handling, ground work and at liberty.


How you house, feed and work your horses will be examined.


By looking at training types and frequencies, E-BARQ can investigate relationships between training, management and behaviour.

How Things Stack Up

After completing the survey, horse owners will be taken to a page that shows how their particular horse compares to others.

Owners can then re-take the E-BARQ at 6-monthly intervals to keep track of their progress - a great incentive for setting positive goals, regardless of your horse's age, breed or your area of interest. 

E-BARQ's Who's Who

Kate Fenner (contact)

PhD candidate The Sydney School of Veterinary Science University of Sydney. Owner Kandoo Equine Online Training System.

Professor Paul McGreevy

Professor of Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare Science, University of Sydney, The Sydney School of Veterinary Science.

Dr Andrew McLean

PhD (Equine Cognition and Learning), University of Melbourne. Director Equitation Science International.

Professor James Serpell

Professor of Ethics and Animal Welfare, University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine.

Expert Panel

The E-BARQ team are very grateful to the panel of knowledgeable equine specialists for their generous donation of time and expertise in the development of the survey.

Panel Members: Wayne Channon, Cristina Wilkins, Christine Johnson, Julie Taylor, Luke Thomas, Justine Harrison, Warwick McLean, Scott Brodie and Jen Johnson

E-BARQ Structure


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