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Building CONFIDENT horses and riders!

Learn how to train your own horse at home using evidence-based, ethical training methods.


Have a peek inside the Kandoo Equine Online Training System to see how easy it is for YOU to train YOUR horse using these step-by-step video lessons.


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Kandoo Equine Online Training System

Not everyone has access to a trainer or regular lessons. The Kandoo Equine Online Training System has been developed to enable riders and owners to train their horses at home.

You will be led through the training in a consecutive way, always building on the lessons that have come before, leading to a happy, willing and confident equine partner.

Ground Work

Teach your horse to travel in-frame, long-rein, use the round pen safely, trailer load and so much more.

Courses and lessons suitable for young, un-started horses, older, more experienced horses and those that have developed problems and require re-training.

Ridden Work

Take the foundations you gained with the ground work to the saddle.

Work your horse in the Engagement Zone for a safe, confident and calm equine partner.

Problem Solving

Not everything always goes according to plan!

These lessons will help you get back on track, wheter it's an established behaviour such as bucking or a new pattern that you want to change, such as not getting on the trailer.


Have you got a horse off the track or are you changing disciplines with your horse?

These lessons will guide you through the process in a step-by-step, logical way to make the transition easy for you and your horse.

Young Horse

Special lessons for the babies!

Introduce your young horse to learning with these gentle and appropriate lessons. Covering haltering, leading, picking up feet, tying up, washing, trailer loading and much more.

Links and Resources

Learn about saddle fitting, take your horse barefoot or use boots and download checklists for courses to keep you on track. Find this and more in the Resources section.

"Thanks again for taking the time to chat today Kate! I love the confidence I am gaining from all you are teaching me. It is so wonderful to be excited to head off to the paddock to see my horse, knowing I have a plan of what I am going to be working on with her. I love that even if I only have 15 minutes to work with her...I know those 15 minutes will be productive for both me and my horse. Thanks again 😊"

"I can't believe the changes this has already made in my horse. She is really listening and I think ENJOYING the training - and so am I!"

"I have used a lot of online training systems, I live in the UK, and yours is easily the best and most comprehensive. The lessons make sense and I have worked through each step. I am upgrading to the life membership now. Thank you for all of the work you put into making the courses."

"To be honest, I didn't think that training was supposed to be so fun. I LOVE it and I KANDOO it!! Thank you so much, Kate!!"

"Being from a very remote area, it's almost impossible to get trainers to come to me. I was very pleased to find your training and no longer have the need of visiting clinicians. Also, I wanted to thank you for also being so fast to answer my questions - both on the training pages and via email, it really helps, thanks!"

"I just wanted to mention that you have a unique way of giving your students the optimum opportunity to really understand and learn your material. You bring out the best in your students by giving them the option to learn the best way that they can. You have the video which is for those visual learners, the written under the video which is good for the theory based learners and it also reinforces and fills in what we didn't subconsciously take in watching the videos. And, which is the magic that works for me, is giving examples to go with a topic. The examples that you give enable me to identify with my own experience, which allows me to relate to topics that I am not so familiar with, and all of a sudden, it just makes perfect sense to me on an emotional level which gives me a greater and deeper understanding."

"Hi Kate, you are amazing!!! Thank you for all that you do and words can not describe how much you have helped me through my journey recently!"

"I’ve been watching some of your feeds and they are awesome. You just have a way with horses that’s truly unbelievable."

"We did it! First, after walking away from me to avoid being caught yesterday, she walked right up today, then I gave her a treat and she stood while I haltered. After grooming, bridling, I taught "Hips to the Fence" in about 9 minutes. Probably should have stopped sooner, as I think she had it, but I kept making mistakes, so I would repeat. Also, I guess I raised her emotional level too much at the beginning, since she offered to bite me! Settled down quickly though and was right back to 50 (emotional level estimate) after the lesson. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!"

"I just LOVE how my horse seems to be responding to how calm, quiet and soft this work makes me!"

"Oh Kate, I know I have said this before but I love this program. I look forward to tracking my exercise everyday. Also I think my riding confidence has improved. My husband and I have also embraced the Keto diet. We feel so good! It’s amazing my farmer has given up potatoes! He is feeling great. "

Eat, Ride, Love Bootcamp

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