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Are you looking for easy-to-follow, step-by-step methods that with your horse and you can do at home? Join me!

GOLD Lifetime Membership

Kandoo GOLD Membership gives you lifetime access to all of the Kandoo Training in addition to twice-weekly meetings with Kate.
In the current global crisis, what we need more than anything is a kind and supportive community - just what Kandoo GOLD is famous for!

Registration is currently OPEN and you can get in via the Masterclass!

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Off-the-track training passport that belongs to the horse (see details on the Race-2-Ride page above). 
Complete access to all of the Kandoo GOLD training for the horse's lifetime (if you sell the horse, the new owner has access for that horse).

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Eat, Ride, Love

Eat, Ride, Love, an eight-week course, is a holistic approach to horse rider health and fitness and horse training. Transform your health and fitness together with your riding confidence.
If you're at home in the recent global crisis, let Eat, Ride, Love look after you, your horse and your physical and emotional well-being.

Registration is currently CLOSED

Registration CLOSED

FREE Training Tips

Access to free video training and tips to give you an introduction to the Kandoo training.
You'll also be notified of meetings you can attend or when new free training is released.

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Virtual Lesson

Simply film yourself and bring that along to a Zoom meeting scheduled at a time that suits you. Up to 20 mins of video is enough for a good discussion and you will receive a recording of your lesson to keep and refer back to later.

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Stay in touch with the 30-Day Training Video Series

If you're currently stuck at home, stay in touch by joining the 30 days of video training tips, discussion and fun delivered directly to your inbox.


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