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3 Topics I Am Exploring With My Kandoo Clients Right Now


There are 3 topics I am actively thinking and writing about a lot these days:

Topic #1: Emotional Level

I am interested in the horse's emotional level because I think this is the thing that most often goes wrong in training.

And my hope is that over the next few years, as I continue to teach more and more riders, I'll be able to help people assess their horse's emotional level better - leading to improved rider safety and horse welfare.

Topic #2: The Engagement Zone

I first coined the term 'Engagement Zone' many years ago when working and taking horses in for training.

I had heard the term used when referring to teaching children in schools and thought it applied equally well to our lessons with horses. Since then, I have learned a lot about the importance of engaging the horse with learning and maintaining an appropriate emotional level.

Topic #3: Combined Reinforcement

I also have an interest in learning theory and helping riders understand how to apply it.

Understanding and applying reinforcement is one of the most misunderstood aspects of training.

It would be great to connect with other people who are interested in these topics—so if any of the above resonates, feel free to reach out!