[Video] Anxious Horse most popular video lesson May 13, 2019

This video shows how to recognise anxiety in your horse when you are training and what you can do about it.

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Webinar: Confident Horse - Confident Rider most popular webinar Apr 29, 2019
  1. What is riding confidence and how do I get it?
  2. What makes a confident horse?
  3. How is the horse's emotional level important?
  4. How do I engage the horse with learning?
  5. Breaking a lesson down into the 4 basic principles
  6. Examples of lesson patterns
  7. The engagement zone and why it's important
  8. How you...
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Using short-reining to adjust the emotional level ground most popular video lesson Apr 24, 2019

Short-reining is a good bridge between long-reining and riding. Here we can raise the emotional level of the horse slightly and remain in a good position to provide a timely release of pressure.

Kandoo Training Module prerequisites for teaching this lesson are:

  1. Give to the Bit Module
  2. ...
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8 Reasons to Train Your Own Horse most popular Apr 09, 2019
  1. You are responsible for your horse's welfare
  2. Learning to regulate your horse's emotional level
  3. Working in the engagement zone
  4. Building a bond
  5. Locating training holes
  6. Building on strong foundations
  7. Horses learn patterns
  8. You learn so much about your horse when you train
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Why India? india most popular Mar 15, 2019

A lot of people have asked me about my trip to India, specifically 'why India’ and how I found the India Project for Animals and Nature (IPAN).

For a long while now, I’ve been looking for a way to pay back, a way to give or help those horses that get overlooked. Horses have given me...

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Kandoo GOLD Meeting most popular Dec 15, 2018

The Kandoo GOLD Lifetime Membership recently closed its registration doors but they will re-open mid-June 2019.

We have webinar meetings twice a week during the six to eight weeks of content delivery. These meetings are recorded for members to refer back to or watch if they were unable to attend...

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Webinar: Long-Reining most popular webinar Oct 16, 2018

The why and how of long-reining

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Webinar: Self-Carriage most popular webinar Sep 10, 2018

The five important elements of self-carriage are:

  1. Rhythm
  2. Tempo
  3. Stride length
  4. Line - straightness
  5. Outline - posture and head/neck position
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How To: Bridleless Riding most popular video lesson Sep 06, 2018

This video shows you the steps I take, with a  horse that already knows 1) Give to the Bit, 2) Shoulder Control, 3) Self-Carriage and 4) How to work in the Engagement Zone, when teaching bridleless riding.

The horse here is a 5/6-year-old Quarter Horse stallion that has been through all of...

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Science in the Saddle Demonstration live most popular Jul 14, 2018

Part 1, above, and Part 2, below, of the Science in the Saddle Demonstration.


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A Good Contact most popular video lesson Apr 23, 2018

What is a good contact, how is it defined and what does it mean to the horse?

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