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Day 19 - A Great Attitude

100 days Oct 19, 2017

You know when someone tells you something that completely changes the way you view things? I'm sure you know what I mean!

I was told, many years ago by a very experienced trainer, that he "treats every horse (he rides) like it's the only horse in the world".

Now, for a lot of us, that only have one horse, this is always true but for those of us that ride lots of different horses, it's a great rule to live by.

Each time you mount or begin working with a horse, think about that:

This is the only horse on earth

Just try it and see if it changes your attitude.

I repeated this story at a demonstration (for horse rescue charity workers) a while ago and had several people call me in the following weeks and tell me what a difference it had made to their work with the horses. Let me know if it makes a difference to you and how it changed your outlook on that lesson. Don't forget to leave a comment below.


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