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India: Horse Handling for the Veterinarians


We had a great morning with the vets from the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) here in Ooty this morning. The WVS is supported by the Peter Sullevan Charitable Trust and Welttierschutzgesellschaft I gave a talk about how to quickly connect with a horse that you might have come out to treat and how to use pressure-release to get the horse engaged with you and make it easier to handle.

I was given a newly retired thoroughbred horse to use for the demonstration. She was a lovely mare. Interestingly, here in India, the thoroughbreds are forced to retire at age six, seven or eight (depending on the region you are racing in). This means there are a large number of young, healthy horses that could be leading useful lives after racing.

The owner of these OTT horses is going to re-train them and use them in his riding school. The location is amazing and the view quite incredible.

It is the same the world over for these off-the-track horses, they sadly have very little value as they are so easily obtained, and this often leads to poor welfare. All off-the-track horses require re-training as much of what they have learned is not at all useful for pleasure riding. It is for this reason that I developed an entire Off-the-Track Module in the Kandoo Equine Online Training.

If you’d like to join the training, the membership doors will open early May. Join the 100 Day Email Series to keep in contact with Kate and Kandoo.