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India: Visiting Ooty

india Mar 16, 2019

Hill View Farm Animal Refuge, where I am staying while in India, is about an hour from a township known as Ooty. Ooty is several degrees cooler as it’s on the top of a hill (about 2000 feet above sea level) and the drive to get there is not for those of you prone to motion sickness.

We went to Ooty for a couple of days to give some demonstrations to the owners of the Ooty tourist riding horses and vets attending a Working Equine course with the World Wide Veterinary Service (WVS) as well as meeting with some schools that offer horse riding.

When you say that these horses 'live on the streets' and suffer from 'plastic-impaction' colic, it's hard to imagine until you see it. The photo above looks towards Ooty Racecourse.

Above - typical Ooty street. You will find horses wandering around these streets as they don't have any other accommodation.

Above - a tourist riding horse. This is a lucky one as he has a 10x10 foot 'stable' here.

Below - horse waiting for the Working Equine Clinic.

Below - The colourful Ooty houses.

Above - My lovely Ooty Hotel



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