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Kids Vs Casinos

india Mar 19, 2019

Many years ago, when I lived in Singapore, I helped set up a riding school on Sentosa. The aim was to make horse riding, a very elitist sport here in Asia, available to all, particularly the local children.

It wasn't an easy task. We needed to get permission to use the land and the buildings, to convert buildings into stables and outdoor areas into arenas. We managed all of this and even got permission to ride on the beach in Sentosa.

Sentosa Riding School ran for quite a few years and, as intended, brought riding to many children that would not otherwise have had the opportunity. I even met someone in Australia that had learned to ride at Sentosa Riding School - fabulous.

Singapore is a very progressive place and sadly, for the riding school, Sentosa 'progressed' rapidly. The Riding School is now under a casino. I went out to Sentosa yesterday morning to have a look and remember the great times we had getting the school set up.

A part of my work in India will involve the same idea - bringing riding and horse care to the local children (in the form of Pony Club). I'm confident that there won't be a casino in sight!



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