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The Current Lesson List


Download a pdf of the current lesson list within the Kandoo Equine Online Training.

What people are saying about the Kandoo Equine Online Training, this week:

"I'm finding your Kandoo programme amazing - abundant with such information and help from yourself you are my 'role model' and yes at my ripe old age of 53 not bad going - yes indeed it seems life does begin at 50! 
I'm learning so much every day whether I'm following the modules or jumping in when my mind pings and races into overdrive something I have to tune myself into or my brain crashes, therefore, leading me to the mundane chores that await me in the kitchen!! I found the Engagement Zone actually helped me! I set my days better and this leads me to a much more resourceful day - I recommend this to everyone Kate Fenner is fab and Kandoo equine training is a unique amazing way to train your horse if only every horseman could train their horses this way what a world of happy horses what we have been blessed with  😊"

"Amazing Kate after years of pondering around with my horses not having the confidence to achieve my goals, I have finally awoken to realise I CAN DO IT. Thank you so much, I am really looking forward to this next chapter of my life and the horses that are my life."

"Obviously a very talented lady with a great approach to horse training and so down to earth with it. Love her style of teaching."

"Hi Kate, l totally agree with you! I've always believed that you should train your own horse. Through training, you get to know each other better which gives both of you confidence in knowing what to expect from each other and helps to create a special bond. I will be very interested to see the rest of your videos. Thank you for your time and effort in producing them and for your efforts to improve our relationships with our horses"

Come along and learn how to train your own horse using ethical and sustainable methods - perfect for horse and rider.