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Day 100 - Look what we've done!

100 days

Wow, welcome to Day 100!

I really hope you've enjoyed the 100 Day Email Series. I've loved hearing about your horses and your experiences, so thanks to all of you that have left comments and the hundreds of emails I've received.

Many of the emails have included really interesting questions and while I've written back to those people individually, I'm now going to look at one a week in a little more detail. The 100 Day series will now become a Question & Answer weekly email. You'll recognise it in your inbox because it will have a subject line something like this: '[Q&A] Why is my horse so fabulous?'

When I first thought about making the 100 Day Series, I spoke to a friend about it and she said, "gosh, that sounds like a huge undertaking, how long will each one be?" I wondered about that and replied, "around 500 words, I suppose." Umm, came the response, "so you're going to write 50,000 words for a free email series....why?"

Now, doing a PhD, even one by publication which I am, requires an 80,000-word thesis, things were beginning to come into perspective. 

However, I had good reasons, yes? My reasons were: "To open a dialogue. To get people thinking about what they are doing with their horses and why. To share some of the things I've been fortunate enough to learn and do over the years. To talk openly about mistakes (we all make them) and how we can do things better for our horses. To show people that it's OK to change what you do when you find a better/kinder way."

The emails that I receive every day tell me that the series has certainly done this but it has also done something that I wasn't expecting at all, something wonderful that I really hadn't considered.

The series has initiated the creation of a safe, supportive and positive online community of like-minded owners and riders - and for that, I would like to thank each and every one of you.

If you'd like to, here are a few things that you can do for me so that this wonderful community continues to grow and thrive:

  1. Send this page (or this link) to a friend so that they can sign up for the 100 Day Series.
  2. Pop along to the Kandoo Equine Facebook page and leave a review for me.
  3. Join the Training@Two - a new Facebook Live event every weekday at 2pm (to make sure you're notified about upcoming Live sessions, go along to Kandoo Equine on Facebook and 'Like' the page and then click on 'Following' and check that Notifications button is turned on - don't worry if you miss the time, it will be recorded for you to watch later). You can also email me your questions for this Live Training or pm me at Kandoo Equine or simply pop them in the comments.

Thank you!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.