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Day 25 - Green Horse - Green Rider

100 days Oct 25, 2017

I remember, many decades ago, when I bought my first horse out of school. Of course, I went to the tried-stock sale in Sydney and bought an OTT called Henry (the Horse). Actually, I can't remember what his racing name was.

Oh, how young, naive, stupid and brave we all were!

I'd learned the term 'green-horse - green-rider' while at boarding school (with my OTT green horse!) when entering a One Day Event. I suppose I didn't realise I still fitted that criteria when riding my gorgeous steed around Centennial Parkland in central Sydney.

That is, I didn't realise until I found myself looking at the tarmac footpath on a busy intersection when Henry was vertical (or practising some impressive shoulder elevation).

I was told,  in no uncertain terms, that what I needed was a bombproof horse, something that had 'been there, done that'. And, I have to say, I believed that for a long time. I no longer do.

What do you think? Have you had a bombproof horse or one that has 'done it all'? Have you had that 'perfect beginners' horse' or been told that a horse you bought was that?

Leave me a comment below because I'd love to hear about your experiences. Next time I'll talk about what I've found to be true on the subject of experience in horses and riders.

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