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Day 37 - Are You Getting It Wrong?

100 days Nov 09, 2017

Last time I asked you to leave me a comment about whether or not you'd ever decided against training something because you were worried about getting it wrong and 'ruining' your horse.

I've heard this so much and, while I can understand the sentiment, I think it's often an excuse for doing nothing rather than a legitimate risk to the horse. Unless of course, you are likely to 'train' your horse using pain or fear as a motivator.

In fact, I can almost guarantee that, given you are this far into the 100 Day series, you are not the kind of trainer/owner that would do that. What's probably happened is that you've been searching for the right or best way of doing it and haven't yet come up with a solution you're happy with.

Now, that's better, we have a plan - and you do know how I love a plan!

I'll break it down for you next time but your homework is to think of one thing you've put off teaching your horse because you didn't want to get it wrong and leave me a comment below to let me know what that is.

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