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Day 99 - KAN you DOO it?

100 days

"I couldn't possibly do that!"

"I don't have enough experience"

"I wouldn't know where to start"

"I've never been any good at that"

"I should do it but I don't have time"

"I could do it but I'm too old (young, fat, thin get the idea)"

These are a few examples of the sorts of erroneous things people tell themselves about their own ability, not only when it comes to training their own horses but in a myriad of different situations in life.

Have you ever told yourself something along these lines, only to find that once you put a bit of effort into learning HOW to do the thing, that you were, in fact, fabulous at it and loved doing it? I know I have. Just recently, at nearly 50 years of age, I thought I couldn't possibly go back to university and study subjects such as chemistry and statistics but I made the effort and not only passed with at least a credit but actually loved the process of learning and engaging my (what I thought was) tired old brain. How about you? I'd love you to tell me what you've done recently that you previously had an excuse not to do by leaving me a comment below.

Training your own horse is no different. In fact, I think training your own horse might be rather like my journey to beginning my PhD research degree. I began with the undergraduate degree - structured and foundation setting. This taught me all of the background I needed, including anatomy and physiology, as well as the biochemistry, nutrition, locomotion and reproductive technologies I needed to know about. Following these three years, I undertook an honours project. This was where I had the chance to put all of that theory into practice and get my hands dirty (filthy actually given the size and scale of my over-ambitious project, haha, I never learn). What fun that was! Finally, I was able to enrol in the PhD.

The same goes for training your own horse. You don't have to start big (no flying changes on Day 1), just start with something structured and have a plan to lay a foundation.

As you build each step of that foundation, your relationship with your horse strengthens, your knowledge increases, your skills improve and your confidence builds. It's a win-win situation for you and your horse (and any other horse you are ever lucky enough to spend time with in the future).

So, don't delay. Start today (gosh, I really am a poet - just think yourself lucky that I haven't started singing...yet)!

Check out the Kandoo Equine Online Training System membership options here. This memberhsip will lead you through training your own horse, whether you are starting a horse under saddle, re-training a horse that has some behavioural problems or simply wanting your lovely horse to be a calm and happy equine partner for you, the Kandoo Equine Online Training will get you there!

As you already know, having made it to Day 99, I am here and always available to personally answer your questions so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the Kandoo Equine Membership (or any horse training topic that is on your mind). 

Isn't it marvellous that we live in an age where this is available? I have spent many, many years learning the skills to build my Online Training System so that ethical and sustainable training methods are available to all riders. The Kandoo Equine Membership is priced with that in mind.

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