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Day 14 - Another Cool Bit of Kit

100 days

I know, I'm a nerd (if you want to know how much of a nerd then take a look at the Eat, Ride, Love Course, oh my!) and a few days ago I was singing the praises of heart rate monitors, for our horses and ourselves.

The other bit of nerdy kit that I love is rein-tension monitors. No, I'm serious!

As any good scientist (or person with a modicum of common sense) will tell you, you can't change things you don't measure.

At Kandoo Equine the aim is to always achieve more with less - more engagement, softness, relaxation with less pressure, stress, conflict. But we can't begin to do that without knowing where we start. That's where measuring comes in.

First, define your starting point. 

Rein tension monitors have come a long way recently and IPOS have developed a device that can be used with your smartphone - have a look, it's great! I'm a rep for them, because I love the product, so if you would like to chat about it, just reply here and we can do that.

I used an older version of their product for an experiment with 100 horses that were taught to back with a rein tension cue. You can read or download that article here:
The Engagement Zone

Is there a piece of kit that has changed the way you do things with your horse? What's your favourite piece of equipment? Leave me a comment below.