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Day 22 - The Silent Partner

100 days

Last time I mentioned that I'd tell you about something John Lyons told me many years ago. It goes something like this:

"Remember that you have all the dreams and plans. You want to go trail riding, play polo, try show jumping or compete in reining. 

Your horse is your partner.

So, you have the ideas but the horse has all the money."

It's our job to convince the horse to back our ideas - join us in our pursuits.

We do this by making it FUN for the horse and, when it's fun for the horse, it's fun for us!

To make it fun for the horse we need to break it down so that we can start building that competence-confidence loop that we talked about a couple of weeks ago. We need to reward and praise the horse - again we can do this a lot if we break the lesson down enough because the horse is building strong foundations

We'll talk a lot more about how we make it fun in the coming weeks - it's really about getting the horse into the Engagement Zone. We touched on that a few weeks ago and over the coming weeks, I'll go into more detail for you.

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