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Day 23 - Lunging

100 days

You may know that I'm not a big advocate of lunging. I just feel it so often involves chasing the horse and is used to tire the horse or 'take the edge off' before riding. 

Surely there are better ways to engage the horse for learning than chasing it in circles....

When lunging the horse often seems to be running with its head in the air, bent to the outside or with its head tilted and generally NOT looking like something I'd like to ride!

I know, some people will say that "I lunge in side-reins so my horse's head is down" but there is no 'give' with side-reins, no education - simply forcing a head and neck position that will most likely not withstand the transition to saddle (unless you're prepared to hang on very tight to the mouth).

So, what's the alternative?

I think the dying art of long-reining is a real and educational alternative and I'll talk much more about it in the next post.