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Day 26 - Green-On-Green Revisited

100 days

Last time I mentioned that I no longer believed that the 'bombproof' horse was the best or only option for the inexperienced rider. In fact, I've seen so many beginner and novice riders being sold horses that are supposedly suitable, being bombproof, been-there-done-that and quiet as mice, that turned out to be both uneducated and terrified, that I now think there is often nothing worse than a horse that fits this description.

What I have found is that riders learn really well WITH their horses and if they have a good system or method to follow, that they can understand, works in a step-wise manner and they can explain to the horse, then it is by far the best option.

Whether by intention or not, you are ALWAYS training your horse. You teach your horse something with every interaction. Once you realise this, no matter what your skill level, and become proactive rather than reactive in the process, the quicker you and your horse progress.

Next time I'll look at that reactive-proactive difference and we'll see how important it is to take the 'riding' seat in your relationship with your horse.

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