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Day 29 - Confidence and Health

100 days

There is no doubt that being healthy improves every aspect of our lives and none more than our riding.

The simplest of things, such as being a bit overweight, can have a compound effect on our horses and our riding. For example, the saddle will sit differently on the horse if we gain weight and this might pinch or otherwise hurt the horse's back. As a result, the horse might buck and, if you're anything like me and can't ride a buck to save your life (and never want to learn how) then off you'll come!

So, there you are, sitting on the ground lamenting the fact that you've now lost your confidence. 

What most people will do now is send the naughty horse out to a trainer, but not you, right? No, no, you're a Kandoo kind of horse owner (and you're up to Day 29 of this series so I know you're serious) and you're going to get to the bottom of the problem and set about finding a solution.

Good on you! Next time we'll look at how happiness affects our health and from there how we can address all three aspects to really improve our riding confidence.

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