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Day 35 - Social Media Surprise

100 days

Today I just wanted to mention how pleasantly surprised I’ve been with social media recently.

I don’t know about you but I find that Facebook can be a rather hostile environment at times. Just seeing armchair warriors ripping shreds off well-intentioned people with little or no provocation does make one think twice before posting anything at all.

A week ago I published a series of free training videos and did so with more than a pinch of trepidation.

However, I was delighted with the response! Within a week I had over 1000 happy people sign up to receive the free training and masses of very positive comments on the videos themselves. The response far exceeded my expectations.

Didn’t I say, just a few weeks ago, that you never get more than you expect? 

Perhaps it’s time that I raised my expectations about the Facebook equestrian community.

I'd like to say thank you to YOU. For reading this post and engaging so positively with me and the Kandoo Equine material. I appreciate you and I am grateful you are here.

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