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Day 55 - A few kind words

100 days

What a difference a few kind words can make.

I remember, as quite a young child, being told by a friend of my father's that I had a really good seat on a horse. Now, I think most children do actually so I probably wasn't at all special but that one comment gave me both the courage and encouragement to persist with horses.

More recently I had someone come up to me and thank me for complementing them on asking a great question at the end of a talk I was giving. She said it made her feel really good to know that the question wasn't stupid and that I was so pleased to get it.

It's amazing how these little things can change, not only our day but often our lives. 

I reckon our horses appreciate that well-timed reward of praise and a scratch in the same way. Give generously!

Have you got a similar story about someone that encouraged you with kind words? Leave me a comment below.

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