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Day 63 - Change and learning

100 days

Hello there, you're still with me, that's great!

I imagine over the past 60 posts you've found some things you agree with and others you don't, some things that make sense and others that don't (at least not yet). The fact that you're still here tells me a lot about you and I am thrilled about that.

Often, with learning, comes change. It's that change that's the hard part, of course.

Over the last 20 years, I've changed a lot about what I do with horses, how I train, manage and ride my horses as well as what I teach and how I teach it. I've moved from taking horses in for training to 100% teaching owners to train their own horses. I've almost stopped teaching or indeed using the round-pen at liberty because it's so difficult to teach people not to chase the horse. I've removed various bits of my bridle, haha, often taking the scissors to the leather before putting it on the horse. I've also removed various words from my training vocabulary. I've forced myself to question, examine, test and measure everything I do with my horses and everything I teach and changed anything that didn't stack up in favour of the horse.

Isn't that the wonderful thing about learning? The fact that we can grow, change and improve?

What have you changed? Pop a comment below - let's make a list. The beneficiaries are the horses.

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