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Day 84 - Training Principle #5

100 days

Training Principle #5 tells us to elicit one response at a time. Following this principle helps us avoid confusing and frustrating the horse. 

I think the most obvious example of this principle NOT being followed can be found in much of the modern dressage seen today. Here you'll see the horses being held back with the rein and pushed forward with the seat and leg. The result is a tense, frustrated and often anxious horse.

If on the other hand, you use the rein to slow the horse and the leg to increase speed, only applying one at a time, the horse will be able to relax and obey each signal when it is applied.

Applying opposing cues at the same time is often seen in punishment. Have you ever seen a rider holding a horse with the rein and kicking at the same time when a horse has done something 'wrong'? Leave me a comment below and tell me when you have noticed opposing cues like this.

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