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Day 90 - Thank you

100 days

I just wanted to pop in today and say a huge thank you to the Kandoo Equine Online Community.

Every morning, the first thing I do is answer comments and questions on the blog, website and email and, I must say, it fills me with gratitude for each of you and the Kandoo community as a whole.

This series of emails are beginning to generate some great comment and I get to hear about your wonderful horses and the success you are having with them. Not all of us want to comment and several people have told me how useful simply reading the comments has been for them and how many more tips and ideas they've gained from spending the time doing just that.

This morning, just before writing this, I had a wonderful email from a Kandoo Equine Online Training Member living in South Africa. She explained how difficult it was to get trainers in South Africa and how pleased she was when she found the Kandoo Training. She'd watched all of the training videos (that's impressive because there are a lot!) and many of them several times and she'd had the most amazing results.

This is precisely the reason I set up the training - to allow you to train your own horse.

So, thank you again for all of your lovely feedback and helpful comments. All questions are good questions and no comments are too long for the comment section (really, I'm sure lots of people enjoy the stories so you don't have to send the long ones by email if you don't want to - just make sure you send/post them somewhere because I'd hate to miss them!).

Filled with gratitude. 

Talk soon,