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India: It's Hard to Believe

india Mar 17, 2019

I recently posted something on Facebook discussing the problem of 'plastic-impaction' colic in India and someone commented that horses wouldn't ingest plastic. Of course, they are right - under normal circumstances horses would not eat plastic but the street horses of India have little choice.

On my first day in India, I met this cow (below). She had no name so I called her Twenty-Nine. I christened her Twenty-Nine because that was the number of kilograms of plastic that the vets removed from her rumen. 

Twenty-Nine (Prof McGreevy's "never start a sentence with a number" is ringing in my head as I write this) is a lovely girl and came to live at the Hill View Farm Animal Refuge from the streets of nearby Ooty. She formed part of the 'gang' that hung out at my place (below - Donk with The Best Goat in India (TBGI).


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