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India: Meet the Ladies

india Feb 20, 2019

This herd of four mares are new arrivals at IPAN. They came from the streets of the nearby Ooty township. They were brought in with a stallion that is currently awaiting gelding and it looks as though at least two of them are in foal and possibly three.

One of the mares, Jackie (O), is in great condition and very friendly.

Annie is heavily pregnant and a dear little pony. 

Rona, standing behind Annie above, is also heavily pregnant and was rather nervous when she first arrived but is settling in very well and enjoyed a lovely grooming session this morning.

The last 'Lady' is Princess Margaret (Maggie). This dear old girl is about 16 years old and in very poor condition. She was very reluctant to be touched at all a few days ago but now comes right up to me when I enter the paddock. I'm so pleased to see the changes in Maggie, she's a different horse in just a few days.

P.S. Yes, I know, Saranya is wearing thongs/flip-flops in the photo - it took some time but I think the message finally got across. On the subject of boots, some of you donated riding boots for the local children to attend Pony Club days - they were much appreciated and are already in use (look out for a blog post with gorgeous photos!).


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