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Day 36 - "I didn't want to get it wrong"

100 days

Last time I posted about how pleasantly surprised I was with the positive and enthusiastic reception I received from my free training videos that were available for a short time and if you missed that one you can read it here.

Like pretty much everything, it got me thinking about horse training (of course, I hear you say).

How often do we decide not train something because we aren’t sure what to do or how to do it? Perhaps we are afraid we might not be able to teach our horse the manoeuvre. Or we might get it wrong and ‘ruin’ the horse. It’s something I hear often – “I didn’t want to ruin him, so I didn’t do anything”.

Have you ever done that, not trained something because you were worried you would get it wrong and ruin the horse? I think this is a really important topic and would like to hear from you about it so leave a comment below and tell me what it was that you didn't do because you were worried about your ability and next time I'll discuss why we shouldn't worry so much about that.

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