Webinar - The Anxious Horse

live webinar Aug 07, 2018

Watch the webinar replay here

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Webinar - Science in the Saddle

live webinar Aug 07, 2018

You can watch the full webinar replay here.

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Starting Romeo: Part #6 - Long-Reining

horses and people Jul 29, 2018

Starting long-reining with Romeo

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Science in the Saddle Demonstration

live most popular Jul 14, 2018

Part 1, above, and Part 2, below, of the Science in the Saddle Demonstration.


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Starting Romeo: Part #5 - Buckle Up

horses and people Jun 29, 2018

And the fun begins!

Romeo learns to wear his first girth.

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Give to the Bit Handler Position

video lesson Jun 26, 2018

I've had a few people wanting to clarify just where they should be when starting to move forward...

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Demonstration: Hips to the Fence

video lesson Jun 18, 2018

Meet Ash, he is a 12-year-old Standardbred who has been sitting in the paddock (putting on a few...

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Starting Romeo: Part #4 - Shoulder Control

horses and people May 03, 2018

Here's Romeo getting started with the shoulder control on the ground.

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Horses and People Magazine: Starting Romeo Lesson #3

horses and people Apr 27, 2018

Here Romeo learns to give to the bit and walk around me - maintaining relaxation, softness,...

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A Good Contact

most popular video lesson Apr 23, 2018

What is a good contact, how is it defined and what does it mean to the horse?

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