Webinar: Confident Horse - Confident Rider most popular webinar Apr 29, 2019
  1. What is riding confidence and how do I get it?
  2. What makes a confident horse?
  3. How is the horse's emotional level important?
  4. How do I engage the horse with learning?
  5. Breaking a lesson down into the 4 basic principles
  6. Examples of lesson patterns
  7. The engagement zone and why it's important
  8. How you...
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Using short-reining to adjust the emotional level ground most popular video lesson Apr 24, 2019

Short-reining is a good bridge between long-reining and riding. Here we can raise the emotional level of the horse slightly and remain in a good position to provide a timely release of pressure.

Kandoo Training Module prerequisites for teaching this lesson are:

  1. Give to the Bit Module
  2. ...
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Webinar: Shoulder Control webinar Apr 22, 2019

What is shoulder control and why do we need it? 

This webinar explains how to get started with shoulder control on the ground and under saddle.

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Webinar: The Emotional Horse webinar Apr 15, 2019

Learning to alter your horse's emotional level is an essential part of successful training. A horse that is too emotional is not learning but neither is one that is not engaged with the trainer.

This webinar discusses how to recognise a horse in the 'engagement zone' and how to raise and lower...

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Teaching your horse to stand for saddling ground video lesson Apr 15, 2019

It's important that your horse learns to stand, without being restrained, for saddling.

This video is a Kandoo GOLD member's voice-over video. As a GOLD member, you can send Kate video's and they will be loaded up to the GOLD training site with a voice-over lesson. This is very useful for both...

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8 Reasons to Train Your Own Horse most popular Apr 09, 2019
  1. You are responsible for your horse's welfare
  2. Learning to regulate your horse's emotional level
  3. Working in the engagement zone
  4. Building a bond
  5. Locating training holes
  6. Building on strong foundations
  7. Horses learn patterns
  8. You learn so much about your horse when you train
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Webinar: India india webinar Apr 08, 2019

Kandoo Equine in India.

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Webinar: Rider Health and Fitness webinar Apr 01, 2019

Why rider health and fitness is so important for horse welfare.

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Meet: Polo india Mar 19, 2019

Polo is Hill View Farm Animal Refuge's oldest orphan foal resident. He is a real credit to the Farm staff because he is so trainable and such a pleasure to handle. He has already taught many children to ride and, as a young ten-year-old, has a happy future ahead of him. 

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Meet: Wonder india Mar 19, 2019

Wonder is an orphan foal and really enjoyed his training time. What a super little horse he is!

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Meet: Marvel india Mar 19, 2019

Marvel is a young orphan foal and it is important to teach these young horses to lead properly, especially when they will be handled by children and people with little horse experience.

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